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 Elevate your next gathering with Gourmet foods from Wind & Willow

Planning a party? Craving a crowd-pleasing appetizer? When looking for gourmet foods, look no further than Wind & Willow.  With cheeseball and dip mixes, soups mixes, drink mixes, cheesecake mixes and more, we have you covered.  When it comes to convenience, flavor, and versatility, Wind & Willow is your go-to for any gathering!


Effortless Entertaining:

Let Wind & Willow take the stress out of party prep. With these incredibly easy to use gourmet food mixes, there's no need for complicated recipes or a shopping list overflowing with obscure ingredients. Each pouch contains a perfectly balanced blend of spices and herbs, all you have to do is add a couple of common ingredients like cream cheese or sour cream and mayo and you are ready to go!  In minutes, you've transformed a few simple ingredients into a delicious and impressive appetizer.

Flavor Variety That Wows:

At Wind & Willow, we like thinking outside the box with gourmet food mixes that provide unique flavor combinations alongside more traditional faire.  There's sure to be a flavor to cater to every taste bud! Craving savory? Smokehouse Bacon & Cheddar Cheeseball & Appetizer Mix is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, packed with smoky bacon and sharp cheddar. Looking for something a little lighter?  BLT Cheeseball & Appetizer Mix offers a taste of summer with its zesty blend of bacon, tomato, and herb flavors. And for those with a sweet tooth, Key Lime Pie or Turtle Cheesecake Cheeseball Mixes will have you reaching for seconds (or thirds!). Feeling adventurous?  Once you try our Jalapeno Peach Cheeseball Mix you'll discover why customers are obsessed!  

Beyond the Cheeseball:

At Wind & Willow, we let creativity extend beyond the classic cheeseball. While our cheeseball mixes are undeniably delicious, we offer a variety gourmet food mixes including dip mixes, no-bake cheesecake mixes, hot dip mixes, soup mixes, cocoa mixes, and cider mixes as well.  From classic favorites like Ranch and Cheesy Bacon to unique offerings like Creamy Basil Pesto and Roasted Red Pepper Dip Mixes. 

Southwest Queso, Jalapeno Popper and Beer Cheese Hot Dip Mixes are perfect for tailgating.  Add some Wind & Willow Original Cider and use some dip mixes in our snack mix recipe and you have just created a world-class tailgate for your friends.  Go team!

Wind & Willow can actually take care of your entire meal! Whip up a dip as appetizer, just add water to our rich and decadent 6-Cup soup mixes for your entree and enjoy s Missouri Mud Cheesecake for dessert!

Quality Ingredients, Delicious Results:

When we hear gourmet foods, our first thought is something that is made with the finest ingredients.  Wind & Willow prioritizes quality ingredients so you can feel good about serving them to your guests.  If the package says Honey & Pear, you know there will be honey and pear in the mix.  Jalapeno Peach?  You guessed it.  You'll find real jalapeno and peach inside every package.  We focus on using real ingredients that shine through in the final product. This dedication to quality is the reason Wind & Willow has been around since 1991.  Our customers count on us for a deliciously consistent product and we hold ourselves to that same high standard.  

 The Perfect Party Partner:

Whether you're hosting a casual get-together or a formal gathering, Wind & Willow has you covered with versatile mixes that can be easily adapted to any occasion. Serve them with crackers and vegetables for a simple yet satisfying appetizer, or get creative and use them to create unique finger foods. No matter how you choose to serve them, Wind & Willow mixes are sure to be a hit with your guests. So next time you're planning an event, ditch the stress and embrace the ease and flavor of Wind & Willow cheeseball, dip, soup, drink, and dessert mixes!   Your perfect partner for effortless entertaining.