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Our new Garden Party Dip just tastes like spring!  

Mix with sour cream and mayo and

dip in your favorite veggies.   


Order during the month of April for a 10% discount




Here are some delicious ways to get creative with this dip! 



These little sandwiches are a work of art.  

Try cutting the bread into fun shapes

with cookie cutters for an extra special presentation.

Tea Sandwiches

Garden Party Dip Mix

1 cup sour cream 

1 cup mayo 

l loaf favorite bread 

Prepare Garden Party Dip Mix with sour cream and mayo as directed.  Spread prepared mixture on a variety of breads, toast, or crackers.  Top with fresh vegetables and herbs such as tomatoes, olives and best yet...Wind & Willow Pickles!  Serve open faced or as finger sandwiches. 



Did you know that Wind & Willow Dips 

make delicious, gooey, burger toppers?

Burger Topper


1 Wind & Willow Savory Dip Mix of choice

8 oz sour cream

8 oz mayo 

Combine Dip Mix with sour cream and mayo until smooth.  Spoon two tablespoons onto your burger for an unforgettable experience!