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Employee Information Page

Welcome to our secret Employees only page!

Updated 4.16.202

Are you stressed?  Check out "Pickle Therapy" on Pearl and Johnny facebook and even better on instagram!!  

And now . . . .. drum roll please . . . . the $50 American Express gift card goes to (pulling the name out now) and it goes to. .  Dreama!  Congratulations!


Updated 4.15.2020

We didn't get to have 2nd Tuesday this month but people still have birthdays!  Happy Birthday to Jackson Tettenhorst and Lisa Campbell!  We'll get you your $10 sonic gift cards.  They're still open! 

And also, no reason why we can't go ahead and do a drawing!  We have a $10 gift card to Subway as well as a $50 American Express card.  So, let's pull a name out of the jar  . . . and the $10 Subway card goes to . . . 

Brenda Shively!!!  Check back tomorrow to see who gets the American Express card!  

Updated 4.14.2020

Thank you so much for all of the work everyone is doing at work and from home!  Appreciate all the interaction with social media (we see you!) and excited about the recipes, research and ideas you've already sent in.  Yum!!  Keep up the great work and we'll be taking recipes until the end of May then giving out the Employee Recipe Contest prize of $100!  


As of right now, plan to keep the same hours next week as this week unless you hear otherwise from your supervisor.  The goal is to start gearing up to get things back to normal and moving hours from home and back to the warehouse and office.  We hope things are back to normal in a few weeks!  But of course, as you know, this craziness has been changing daily so check back for updates! 


Here is the original Work from home letter with ideas about how to spend your work at home time:

 April 4, 2020

 Hello Wind & Willow Team! 

First of all, we want to thank each of you for your prayers, your hard work, your positive attitude, your creativity and your flexibility during these strange days.  And these are strange days indeed!  But we WILL get through this and it will be exciting to see how God uses this.  He tells us he can use all things for good.  Who thought we’d have work at home time?!!   Things seem to change daily but as of today we will likely keep this same schedule next week as well.  We’ll let you know!


Working at home:

  1. Set a schedule 

Studies show that this helps people work out of their home so that they aren’t working all the time.  You still need your own time and family time that is NOT thinking about work!   So “go to work” in the morning and take off for lunch and put the computer away after work.  We want you to just work your hours and not let it carry over into family time. 

  1. Brainstorm Freely!

There are no bad ideas.  We believe this time is going to bless our company and all of our jobs by getting new creative ideas we would never have thought of before!   Throw out whatever comes in your brain.  There might be one tiny little thing that works and one thing can make a big difference!

  1. How to spend your time

There are lots of things you can do that will be working toward improving Wind & Willow, making us stronger, putting us on the leading edge of our industry and making Wind & Willow an even better place to work!  Here are some ideas but we’re open to anything that you think will benefit us all moving forward.

Engage with social media

Connect with Wind & Willow and Pearl and Johnny social media.  Right now we are focusing on Instagram and facebook.  We do have a Wind & Willow pinterest but we haven’t been working on it very much lately. 

Facebook.com/windandwillowfoods  Facebook.com/pearlandjohnny

Instagram  @windandwillowfoods  @pearlandjohnny

And use hashtags   #windandwillowfoods

And for pearlandjohnny  #pearlandjohnny or #10minutepickles

Engagement means anything you do to interact such as follow, like, comment, save posts on the Instagram feed, share, tag Wind & Willow in photos.  Everyone got very involved a few years ago which is how we got to 20,000 followers for Wind & Willow on facebook! 

New Recipes

Work on new recipe ideas.  We’ll be having a recipe contest through the end of May with a $100 prize!  And some of the best uses are more serving suggestions than recipes like serve a dip in a bell pepper or soup in a bread bowl. 


Current Recipes

Make a current Wind & Willow recipe.  Make sure the measurements are right and easy to follow and feel free to take a picture of your masterpiece as well!  If you are feeling really good about that photo, post it on your social media and don’t forget to tag Wind & Willow or Pearl and Johnny!


Google Wind & Willow.  Look up our competitors.  Who are the biggest names in specialty food and what appears to be their best sellers?  What are other companies doing that look like something we might want to consider?  Who has the best, most professional looking website?  Who’s website does NOT look professional?

 Look through Cookbooks

A great way to get inspired. 

Make a list

Start a list of ideas for new flavors in different product categories or write down ideas for new product categories if you’ve got ‘em!

Read and pray

Yep, reading the word and time with the Lord we consider a wise use of your at home work hours!


One issue people can have when working from home is that we don’t get the same activity that we do at work.  Less exercise can lead to feelings of depression.  We don’t want that.  We want feelings of joy and for this to be a special time for you.  Jog in place or around the house for 15 minutes, do a 30 minute yoga routine, create your own exercise routine with pushups and jumping jacks (unless you are on the second floor of an apartment! Haha)

Get crazy

Get even crazier creative!  If you have an idea for business other than food even, feel free to throw it out there! 


DO NOT STRESS!   Not a wiz on social media?  Terrible cook?  No ideas come in your brain?  That’s ok!  That doesn’t sound like anyone we know at Wind & Willow lol  but the point is that we don’t want you to worry.  Do the best you can and that is enough.  We can’t wait to see the ideas and recipes everyone comes up with!   Stay well and see you soon!


Rozena, Sheila and Renee